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  • Our expertise in innovative solutions covers applications in life sciences; material science; forensics; semiconductors and storage; and industrial and electronics.

    We have experts well-versed in each application's R&D and industry aspects, and a range of state-of-the-art equipment and systems to meet the high standards of every client.

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  • <b>Phenom ProX</b><li>· The perfect all-in-one desktop SEM</li><li>· Magnification range up to 130,000x</li><li>· Between 5 kV and 10 kV for high resolution images</li><li>· Elemental analysis is as easy as imaging with fully integrated EDS</li><li>· Recommended table size: 150 x 75cm, load rating of 100kg</li>
  • <b>Phenom Pro</b><li>· Most professional desktop SEM imaging</li><li>· Between 5 kV and 10 kV acceleration voltages for the best resolution on a large variety of samples</li><li>· Magnification range up to 130,000x</li><li>· Recommended table size: 120 x 75cm, load rating of 100kg</li>
  • <b>Phenom Pure</b><li>· Economical and efficient desktop SEM</li><li>· Intuitive user interface and smart sample loading</li><li>· Magnification range up to 30,000x</li><li>· Recommended table size: 120 x 75cm, load rating of 100kg</li><li>· Acceleration voltage: 5kV, 10kV</li>
  • <b>Phenom XL</b><li>· Desktop SEM for large samples</li><li>· Sample size max 100mm x 100mm</li><li>· Elemental analysis is as easy as imaging, with fully integrated EDS</li><li>· Recommended table size: 150 x 75cm, load rating of 150kg</li><li>· adjustable range between 4,8 kV and 20.5 kV imaging and analysis mode</li>
  • <b>Phenom Pharos</b><li>· The faster, higher-resolution desktop SEM</li><li>· FEG soruce for crisp and high-brightness images</li><li>· Magnification range: 1.000.000x</li><li>· Electron optical magnification range: 200-1,000,000x</li><li>· Resolution: < 4 nm (BSD) & < 3 nm (SED)</li><li>· Digital Zoom Max: 12x</li><li>· Sample size & height: 32mm,100mm</li>
  • <b>ProSuite Software</b><li>· Remote User Interface- possible to access the Phenom from a different location for support</li><li>· Automated Image Mapping- enables users to automatically collect multiple images in a regular grid</li><li>· ParticleMetric- Enables morphology and particle size data for submicron particle applications, Correlating particle features such as diameter, circularity, aspect ratio and convexity</li><li>· 3D Roughness Reconstruction- Generates three dimensional images and sub-micrometer roughness measurements, to measure roughness and identify dents, scratches and burrs from flat 2D images</li><li>· PoroMetric- Enables automated visualization and analysis of pores, Correlate pore features such as area, aspect ratio, major and minor axis</li><li>· FiberMetric- Produces accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples</li>
  • <b>Sample Holder I</b><li>The Standard Sample Holder for the Phenom XL desktop SEM is the compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to 100 mm x 100 mm. In spite of this much larger sample size, a proprietary loading shuttle keeps the vent/load cycle to a minimum, which in practice enables a throughput that is a few factors higher than any comparable SEM system.</li>
  • <b>Sample Holder II</b><li>· Standard sample holder-for conductive sample size up to 25mm (D) x 30mm (H)</li><li>· Metallurgical sample holder-designed to support resin-mounted conductive samples with size up to 32mm (D) x 30mm (H)</li><li>· Charge Reduction Sample Holder- to reduce sample charging and eliminate extra sample preparation of non-conductive samples</li><li>· Micro Tool & Tilt-Rotation Sample Holder- Imaging long axial shaped samples without sample modification</li><li>· Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder- Samples can have lines and holes, or have multi-layer structures</li><li>· Temperature Controlled Sample Holder- to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples</li>
  • <b>Drop Test Machine</b><li>· Drop Test  Machine is applied to access the package in the actual transportation, loading and unloading process by dropping the degree of impact,impact-resistant strength and evaluate the reasonable of packaging design.</li><li>· The main axle of tester used dual axle rode, high precision and good stability.</li><li>· Power failure safety design,it will kept the original condition under power cut and the swing arm will not break away unusually.</li><li>· The tester has set limits upward and down,will not exceed safety range when testing.</li><li>· Support arm with electronic reset capability,can avoid the accident by manual operation.</li><li>· Multi-functional sample supporter: can rapidly fix the different size package to test he package edges,sides and corners.</li><li>· Micro adjusting control,can rapidly set to the needed testing height.</li>
  • <b>Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber</b><li>Specially designed for the testing of the corrosion erosion resistance of the products after their material surfaces have been treated with electric plating, anodizing,spray coating, anti-rusting oil and other anti-erosion treatment.</li><li>· Adopt automatically or manually adding water system</li><li>· Precise glass spray nozzle,good uniformity,mist dropping naturally,no NaCl crystallized</li><li>· Double over-heat protection device and alarm when water short storage to ensure safety</li><li>· Digital temperature controller,PID controlled,precision of ±0.1∞C</li><li>· Laboratory direct steam-heated,even heating speed,reducing standby line</li><li>· Tapered spray tower,even mist dropping</li><li>· Saturated bucket is SUS #304,convenient for heating and humidifying,offer humidity for testing</li><li>· Concentration of NaCl: 5%</li><li>· PH of the water: 6.5-7.2 (liquid)</li>
  • <b>Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber</b><li>Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine is also called environment testing machine,used to test various types of materials for their tolerances of heat,cold,dry,humidity.It is applied for quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products of communication, instrument, automobile, plastic,metal, food,chemical, building materials, medical and aerospace.</li><li>· Low Temperature range: 25∞C~-70∞C</li><li>· High Temperature range: 150∞C(200∞C)</li><li>· Humidity range: 20%~98% R.H./ 5%~98% R.H.</li>
  • <b>High Frequency Vibration Tester</b><li>· Well-designed dynamic circle skeleton,with a higher stage axial resonance frequency</li><li>· Two-magnetic circuit,magnetic flux leakage low,compact structure and rational</li><li>· Rocker Rod roller bearings straight and import-oriented composite body stiffness orientation,eccentric load capacity</li><li>· Trunnion isolation foundation dedicated to hormone use,the installation of mobile convenience</li><li>· Advance technology move around the system to ensure that the dynamic circle of high reliability</li><li>· New duct design and enhance the cooling effect</li><li>· Static stiffness,dynamic stiffness of the bearing small balloon,raising the vibration table capacity,improve low-frequency performance</li>
  • <b>High Quality Stereo Microscope</b><li>· Zoom objective 0.75x ~ 4.5x Magnification or higher spec.</li><li>· Binocular / Trinocular</li><li>· Camera applicable & measurement with software attach</li><li>· Suitable for general researcher & general industrial field applications</li><li>· Customizable configuration for application needs</li>
  • <b>Monocular Stereo Microscope</b><li>ZML45-B3 Monocular zoom stereo microscope, Parallel optical system, clear imaging,
                          widely used in modern production in the field of machine vision, industrial inspection
                          fields, science research applications.</li><li>· Continuous zoom lens 0.7-4.5X, zoom ratio 6.4:1</li><li>· Standard working distance of 100mm</li><li>· Eyepiece: 0.5X (optional 0.35X/1X/2X)</li><li>· Objective 1X (optional 0.5X, 2X)</li><li>· Drawtube diameter 39MM,with sleeve total diameter 50mm</li><li>· Focusing hand wheel adjustable elastic, focusing range 63mm and 50mm</li>
  • <b>Microscope Accessories</b><li>· Long life LED </li><li>· Quality XY adjustable stage</li><li>· Extended Boom Stand</li><li>· Wide view eye piece 10x / 15x / 20x</li><li>· Etc : Goose arm light, Screen, Light filter, Magnification lens...</li>
  • <b>Microscope Digital Camera</b><li>· Resolution : HD & Full HD</li><li>· Feature : HD Live visual, Image capture, Measurement, Analysis...</li><li>· Output : Trough PC / Screen monitor</li>
  • <b>Led Ring Illuminator For Stereo Microscope</b><li>LED-60T Separate lighting available by 4-divided segments</li><li>· Item mumber: LED-60T</li><li>· Illuminance: 4W LED</li><li>· Number of LED: 60PCS</li><li>· Inner diameter(mm): 25-63mm (for stereo head microscopes)</li><li>· External Diamerter: 100mm</li><li>· Color temperature: 6500-7000 K</li><li>· Brightness adjustmen: Yes</li><li>· Material: Metal & plastic</li><li>· Power supply: 100V-240V</li><li>· Working distance: 50-180 mm</li>
  • <b>Drying Oven</b><li>· For drying simple laboratories glassware</li><li>· Benchtop, Constant-temperature, Forced air, X-ray Film, Vacuum, High Temperature Drying Oven</li><li>· External material: cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating</li><li>· Stainless steel inner chamber, round angle structure, adjustable shelves</li><li>· Double-layer glass observation window, adjustable airtight buckle lock</li><li>· PID microprocessor intelligent temperature controller</li><li>· Over-temperature protection</li>
  • <b>Centrifugal</b><li>· Separate substance with different density using spinning at high speed</li><li>· Types: PCR, PRP, Milk Fat, Blood, Crude oil, Erythrocyte washing, Blood Bags, High & Low Speed, Tabletop, Mini Centrifuge, Refrigerated</li><li>· Microprocessor control, LED display</li><li>· Brushless motor, free maintenance, speed up and down quickly</li><li>· Electric lid lock, over speed and imbalance protection</li><li>· Easy to set and read RCF, speed synchronizes in time</li>
  • <b>Refrigerator & Freezer</b><li>· To provide safe storage at low temperature for some critical substances</li><li>· Single and Double Door Medical Freezer, Portable freezer</li><li>· Freezer racks/boxes</li><li>· Temperature range from -25C to -86C</li><li>· Multiple protection function password protection</li><li>· Power failure; Voltage abnormal, Ambient temperature abnormal, Low battery alarm, Filter blocking</li>
  • <b>Fume Hood and Cabinet</b><li>· Provide solution for ventilation of hazardous and toxic fume</li><li>· UV lamp for sterilization</li><li>· Built-in centrifugal blower</li><li>· Motorized front glass window</li><li>· Adjustable air speed: 9 levels</li><li>· Microprocessor control system, LED display</li><li>· Resistant strong acid, alkali and anti-corrosion sink</li>
  • <b>Other Lab Equipment</b><li>· Various types of mixer (eg: vortex, microplate, roller, etc.) for different types of application (eg: tissue culture, sample extraction, sedimentation rate determination, etc.)</li><li>· Precision balance with different weight readability that comes with optional heater for moisture analysis</li><li>· Numerous kinds of pipette that help to transfer liquid to another container precisely and conveniently</li>
  • <b>UV-visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer</b><li>An instrument designed to measure the UV-visible NIR spectra of microscopic samples by transmittance, reflectance, polarization, fluorescence, and other types of luminescence. With specialized software, they can be used to measure thin film thickness, colorimetry and more.</li><li>· CRAIC 20/30PV series</li><li>· Spectral range :  200- 900nm ; NIR up to 2100nm</li><li>· Capable : Analyzing sub-micron areas, high resolution digital imaging. Non-destructively and with no sample contact</li>
  • <b>Apollo Raman Microspectrometer</b><li>The Apollo IIô Raman microspectrometer is designed for both cutting edge research
                          and for reliability and ease-of-use.  With the Apollo IIô, it is fast and, easy to
                          acquire Raman microspectraô so you can focus on sample measurements, not on operating
                          your instrument.</li><li>· One, two or three lasers may be incorporated</li><li>· Laser wavelengths offered include 405, 532, 638, 785, 830 nm and more</li><li>· Scanning Raman spectrometers for ultra-high resolution and spectral range</li><li>· Photoluminescence microspectroscopy</li>
  • <b>Phtoluminescence Microspectrometer</b><li>An instrument designed to measure the fluorescence, photoluminescence, and emission spectra of microscopic samples with excitation in the UV, visible and NIR regions.</li><li>· CRAIC 508PV Microscope Spectrofluorometers, CRAIC 20/30PV Microspectrofluorometers</li><li>· Type : Fluorescence spectrophotometer</li><li>· Capable : Analyzing sub-micron areas, non destructively & with no sample contact</li>
  • <b>UV Microscope</b><li>· CRAIC UVM-1 series</li><li>· Advantage : Can be integrate in either UV or NIR technology</li><li>· Capable application : Pharmaceutical & Biology, Semiconductors & Displays, Geology, Art & more... ( non-destructively )</li>
  • <b>Active Vibration Control</b><li>· sub-hertz vibration isolation (all six degrees of freedom) in a plug-and-play form factor</li><li>· able to accommodate instruments of all shapes and sizes (from 0 – 9,000 Kg)</li><li>· lack of persistent maintenance of the AVI Series allows users to save money on installation costs</li>
  • <b>EMI Isolation</b><li>· faraday cages offer high performance across a broad frequency spectrum of EMI noise</li><li>· make a faraday cage to your specifications</li><li>· solution for any type of noise affecting the quality of measurements for electron microscopy users (vibration, acoustic, and EMI)</li>
  • <b>Panthera Series</b><li>· Various configuration for the educational field, up to the most advanced models for clinic and laboratories</li><li>· LED nosepiece and the illuminator to offer you information about the light intensity, or the microscope’s mode, as well as memorizing the light intensity of each objective</li><li>· low power illumination, allowing it to run on a Mobile BatteriePack for several hours</li><li>· Come with transmitted illumination 3W LED or 30W halogen illumination</li><li>· allowing you to work directly from your microscope to an HDMI screen with the help of a mouse, or work with your tablet and the Panthera App</li>
  • <b>Panthera TEC</b><li>· new generation of EpiScopic Metallurgical & Polarization Microscopes combined with a Bertrand lens system</li><li>· Suitable for industrial and material sciences application, with Metallurgical and Polarization stand configuration</li><li>· Come with incident illumination only or both incident and transmitted illumination</li><li>· LED nosepiece and the illuminator to offer you information about the light intensity, or the microscope’s mode, as well as memorizing the light intensity of each objective</li><li>· Light intensity knob is used to adjust light intensity and switch from lower to upper illumination</li><li>· Can choose between contrast methods like DIC, Darkfield, or the new Segmentable Darkfield, as well as Halogen or LED light sources</li>
  • <b>Camera and Software</b><li>· Moticam series which is great for schools or small laboratories that always keep the budget in mind and do not need high resolution images for printing to the specialists looking for the tiniest details for documentation and printing purpose</li><li>· Can be installed to both trinocular and binocular</li><li>· Motic Images Plus 3.0 software included with all Moticams</li><li>· Users optionally can have the advance software for higher level of analysis</li><li>· Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux</li><li>· Free MotiConnect Apps for iOS and Android</li>
  • <b>XTV Electronic Series</b><li>· X-ray inspection system that facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis of next-generation wafer-level, semiconductor device and PCBA applications</li><li>· Large measurement area</li><li>· Intuitive joystick navigation drives real-time X-ray imaging</li><li>· Safety as a design criterion</li><li>· specifically designed for x-ray inspection in production lines and failure analysis laboratories</li><li>· 3 Mpixel flat panel for ultra-high definition</li>
  • <b>XTH Electronic Series</b><li>· microfocus X-ray source that is able to run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects</li><li>· micro-focus X-ray and CT system for turbine blade and casting inspection</li><li>· necessary source power to penetrate through high density parts and generate a scatter-free CT volume with micron accuracy</li><li>· Proprietary 225kV-450kV microfocus X-ray source</li><li>· Straightforward inspection automation</li>
  • <b>X-Tend CT Scan software</b><li>· CT acquisition method that allows customers to extend the height of their CT scan by moving the tall sample up through the X-ray cone-beam as the sample rotates</li><li>· scan the full part with lower magnification or scan sections of the sample at high resolution and stitch them back together</li>
  • <b>M250 Abrasive Cutter</b><li>Applications: Ferrous&non-ferrous metals, foundry castings, power metallurgy, heat treated parts, specialty alloys, wrought metals</li><li>· Wheel feed controlled cutting</li><li>· Cutting capacity up to 3 inches (75 mm) solid stock sample using 10-inch (250 mm) blade</li><li>· High leverage handle for better control</li><li>· Powerful 3 hp (2.2 KW) 3-phase motor</li><li>· Twin t-slotted stainless steel table</li><li>· Electronic braking system</li>
  • <b>NANO-1000T Grinder Polisher</b><li>Application: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, Aerospace, Electronics, Biomaterials</li><li>· 8 and 10-inch diameter machines, and High torque motor</li><li>· Preset speeds for quick speed changes</li><li>· Easy to use, Automated timer control, and User friendly</li><li>· Variable speed 50-1000 rpm</li>
  • <b>PICO 155 Precision Saw</b><li>The PICO 155 is variable speed precision wafering saw for sectioning materials with extreme accuracy.The PICO 155 precision saw is a very useful tool for sectioning metals, ceramics, electronics and other engineered materials.</li><li>Applications: Electronics, IC circuits, PCB boards, Bones, Minerals, Ceramic, Metals</li><li>· Sliding weight gravity feed loading up to 1000 grams</li><li>· Built-in coolant system</li><li>· Variable wheel speeds from 50-1500 rpm with digital feedback for constant speed control</li><li>· Accepts thin 3 (75 mm) to 5-inch(125 mm) wafering blade diameters with additional lubricant tank</li>
  • <b>Small Sample AFM</b><li>· enables materials scientific research that requires high accuracy and high resolution measurements in a vacuum environment free from oxygen and other agents</li><li>· For various step height (0.3nm to 1.5um step height), hard & soft sample</li><li>· Allows you to do your research on time and within budget and designed with the same attention to detail as more advanced models</li>
  • <b>Large Sample AFM</b><li>· most user friendly designs and automated interfaces in the industry</li><li>· Specially designed multi-sample chuck for the loading of up to 16 individual samples with Fully motorized XY sample stage travels up to 150 mm x 150 mm</li><li>· supports a full motorized traveling range of 300 mm x 300 mm for 300mm wafer</li>
  • <b>Automated AFM</b><li>· completely automated AFM system designed for overhang profiles, high-resolution sidewall imaging, and critical angle measurements</li><li>· Fully Automated AFM for Accurate Inline Metrology of Hard Disk Head Sliders and wafer fab defect review</li><li>· the best AFM for automatic defect review and surface roughness measurement</li>
  • <b>GC-MS 6800 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer</b><li>(GC-MS) system is widely used in industrial inspection, food processing, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries.GC system equipped with electronic pressure flow control system (EFC/EPC) with El filament for high electron emission efficiency</li><li>· Quadrupole with pre-filter and high energy dynode electron multiplier</li><li>· Reliable Vacuum system with turbo molecular pump</li><li>· Real-time vacuum monitoring with vacuum gauge</li><li>· Digital RF Technology ensures better sensitivity and resolution in full mass range</li><li>· The ChemAnalyst software controls auto sampler, GC and MS</li><li>· Full scan (SCAN) and selective ion monitoring (SIM) modes</li><li>· Quick display of total ion current (TIC) and mass spectrogram</li><li>· Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis with Skyray NIST spectrum database with free online upgrades</li>
  • <b>Liquid Chromatograph LC-310</b><li>LC-310 High-performance Liquid Chromatograph features improved separation, sensitivity speed, accuracy and stability. Advanced series pump and check valve ensure the user can achieve the accuracy and pulsation of solvent delivery.</li><li>Application Fields : Science and Education, Agriculture, food industries, Pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries</li><li>· Flow rate control range : 0.001~9.999mL/min (step adjustable flow rate : 0.001mL/min)</li><li>· Minimum detectable concentration : 1 X 10-8g/ mL</li>
  • <b>EDX1800B XRF Spectrometer RoHS Specialist</b><li>EDX1800B is a new model for 2013 incorporating Skyrayis years of RoHS testing and development. EDX1800B features automatic collimators and filters, Intelligent RoHS analysis software and built-in SNE which improves signal processing ability.</li><li>· Measurable Elements : Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium</li><li>· Thickness measurement of metal plating, content determination of plating solution.</li><li>· Auto-switch of collimators and filters</li><li>· Built-in signal to noise enhancer improves signal processing capacity to 25 times</li><li>· Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models.</li><li>· Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure</li>
  • <b>Genius XRF Series Handheld XRF Spectrometer</b><li>In-field online analyses of various elements during raw material inspection, process control and finished product inspection, the identification of metallic materials reliability and alloy number, on-site detection of heavy metals in soil, in-situ multi</li><li>· element analyses in the wild</li><li>· small, easy to carry, it supports handheld test</li><li>· It provide rapid and nondestructive detection, delivering results within seconds</li><li>· Introducing digital multi-channel technology to small X-ray spectrometer to provide better detection limit, higher stability and wider application</li>
  • <b>Thick 8000 X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer</b><li>Thick 8000 Plating Thickness X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is specifically designed plating thickness measurement.Skyray Microspot technology utilises a 3D movable platform, two HD cameras and 8 automatic collimators to achieve precise analysis with spot size as small as 0.1 mm.</li><li>· Excellent sample observation system,and Advanced image identification</li><li>· Built-in SNE (Signal to Noise Enhancer),and Intelligent Plating-thickness software</li><li>· Large area high resolution detector,and Four automatic micro-focus collimators</li><li>Application fields: Metal plating thickness analysis,PCB industry,Electroplating industry</li>
  • <b>Video Measuring Machine (VMS)</b><li>original Japan imported screw driver and servo control technology, combined with ourselves developed automatic measurement software, can achieve efficient and accurate measurement of large volume work piece, for precision parts inspection and quality control. It has been widely used in machinery, electronics, hardware, plastics, mould and etc.</li><li>· XYZ axis travel stage 300x200x150mm or higher spec</li><li>· Optional Contact / non-contact laser probe</li><li>· Lens type 0.5x , 1.0x, 2.0x</li><li>· Optional upgrade to advance measuring software (Automated)</li><li>· High tech japan servo motor, great positioning accuracy & smooth movement motion control double closed-loop</li>
  • <b>Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)</b><li>Original Japan imported screw driver and servo control technology, combined with ourselves developed automatic measurement software, can achieve efficient and accurate measurement of large volume work piece, for precision parts inspection and quality control. It has been widely used in machinery, hardware, plastics, molding and etc.</li><li>· XYZ axis travel Stage 600x800x200mm or higher spec</li><li>· Optional Contact / non-contact laser probe </li><li>· Lens type 0.5x , 1.0x, 2.0x</li><li>· Optional upgrade to advance measuring software (Automated)</li><li>· High tech japan servo motor, great positioning accuracy & smooth movement motion control double closed-loop</li>
  • <b>Profile Projector</b><li>Profile projector is mainly used for the measurement of the mechanical parts of the length, angle, contour and surface shape. This instrument can inspect all kinds of surface and outline of complicated work-Pieces, cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on</li><li>· XYZ axis Travel Stage 150x50x90mm or higher spec</li><li>· Lens range 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x</li><li>· Optional upgrade to M2D software, edge detector feature</li><li>· Can be used to gather the data and measurement the point, line, circle, angle and distance</li><li>· Competitive cost system</li>